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The Osmosis Principle ........................

osmosis-animationAt Osmogenics.co.uk we research and develop products that use osmosis to generate electrical power.

The suite of OsmoGen products are designed to generate electrical power 24 hours a day, 364 days of the year. (Note: Osmosis does NOT rely on wind energy or direct sunlight)

Osmogenics.com are an international association of specialists focusing on providing electrical energy through this innovative and surprisingly untapped source of power. If you have the time, tenacity and enthusiasm we would welcome a call. We need all the volunteers we can attract before 'tomorrow becomes today' so that we have 'Power Today for Tomorrow!

OsmoGen products will generate electrical energy through the use of, for example, just Salt and Rain-water. These simple materials, when combined with some innovative engineering, produce electrical power. (In fact the 'waste produce' is its own fuel)

 Osmosis occurs when water passes through a special membrane to dilute salty water. This is a straightforward and carbon free method of harnessing the power of nature to suit today's modern living and tomorrow's power requirements. This is the first time devices like this are being developed  specfically for home use.

OsmoGen cylinders provide green, silent power to where you need it, when you need it, up to 24 hours a day.

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