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Section through a Semi-Permeable Membraneosmosis-animation           

At Osmogenics.co.uk we specialise in producing power for the home. We use commercially available parts and technology when and where ever possible as this strategy enables us to keep costs down whilst maintaining high product-quality in a (currently)  low market-volume environment.

Innovation can be very expensive. As a result new parts are developed only when necessary.

As an international association of specialists focusing on providing electrical power through this surprisingly untapped source of energy, we have an unequaled experience and knowledge of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products in this area.  As a direct result Osmogenics.co.uk are able to offer an outstanding value for money with their OsmoGen systems.

An example of the innovative use of a COTS product is shown in the picture above. This is a section through a 2-micron semi-permeable membrane. This particular unit is part of our 'Power-Cylinder' modular system. These Power-Cylinders can be stacked to generate the level of power required.

For the latest video explaing the development process click here.


OsmoGen pipes green, silent power to where you need it, when you need it, 24 hours a day.

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