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We have divided the FAQ into four areas:-
1: These are the most common questions.


How does an osmotic membrane work?  

Sorry, we do not know for certain! (yet) (But try reading http://alienryderflex.com/osmosis/ )

Do you have ? / send me a catalogue. 
Sorry, we do not have a printed catalogue, everything about us is on the web site.

Do you deliver outside the UK.
Yes, please contact us for details as shipping the larger systems can be a problem.

Do you sell ....? / Where can I buy ? 
We design and sell systems for business and personal use. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How do I maintain the products / what is the best way to achieve best results ........?
There are two main ways you can maintain you systems; you can perform the maintenance yourself (by following the guides and tutorials) or:  you can take out a maintenance contract with us.  Please contact us to explain your needs so we can understand you specific requirements and suggest the best way forward

Can you do reciprocal links?
We do not exchange reciprocal links because we (currently) feel the effort and managerial time needed detracts from our core business activities.

2: Questions about the goods we sell.

Please tell me more about this product. 
All the basic information available for each item will be on the web site but please phone for details.

Can I print your pictures on my printer? 
Yes. Just select a picture, right click on it and select Print.

Do you have trade/discount prices?
All of our prices will be structured for the individual. However, should you wish to purchase maintenance on any of our products please contacts us.

3: Questions about how we trade or operate.

Can I open an account ?
Sorry, no. We do not have to staff to operate at this level

I cannot get through to you by telephone.
Messages that are left on the answer phone are only picked up a couple of times a day.

You haven't answered my e-mail, when can I expect an answer?
Some questions do need longer to answer - unlike our Products, we do not work 24/7 . But - some emails do get lost, so please try again if you do not hear back in a few days.

4: Questions about your order & delivery.

I have just placed an order, when will it arrive?
Delivery times will depend upon the item ordered and the complexity of the system requested. The timescale discussed on order acceptance will, barring accidents etc., be adhered to.

Can I pay you extra for a 24 hour guaranteed delivery ?
Sorry No, this is not possible at the moment.

Can I e-mail the requirements to you?
Yes, please follow the instructions on the Contact-Us page and send the data to us. If you have any questions please just call.

Note: direct payments by PayPal is possible

Thanks, from all here at the:-

Osmogenics Team

NB: Information correct at time of going to Press.

OsmoGenics pipe green, silent power to where you need it, when you need it, up to 24 hours a day.

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